USLCA requires 25% of MALC to be USLCA members to qualify as an affiliate chapter.  

ILCA is not offering group membership for 2018:(  

Payment by check:

Make your check out to MALC for

$51.50 and add $25.00 for 2018 MALC membership, if not already renewed this fall.

​ MALC Treasurer
 7500 Lake St

 Dexter, MI 48130

​Allow 4 days for delivery.

Payment due by Dec. 1, 2017.

​Please go to the Membership page to complete the online registration form of your MALC membership.  USLCA only requires your payment and your email address. 

Payment due by December 1st.

Discount USLCA w/ MALC 2018

​  ​​

USLCA Group Membership Discount 

for Jan. 1 - Dec. 31, 2018




Our MALC Treasurer will send USLCA an application with

our names and email addresses as a group with one

payment. The USLCA Membership Coordinator will send a

code, to each of your emails in January.  Go to 

under membership to complete your membership form. ​​​

Group USLCA Membership with MALC is $51.50 per year.  

To purchase independently, an individual Membership is